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Typical FAQs About MJSA

What can MJ Stone do for you?
Our office will complete and file the necessary paperwork for the appeal by the deadline, with the appropriate County. We will prepare your case and attend any hearings for you.

What does this service cost?
There are a number of different ways we work with our clients. Usually we work on a contingency basis. For other cases we may charge a minimum hourly consulting fee. Client is responsible for filing and AdMin Fees which are typically $100 per property.

What type of cases does MJ Stone usually handle?
We handle all types of real estate ad volorem tax appeals including but not limited to commercial and industrial properties, luxury residential, vacant land, hotels, golf courses, and tangible personal property (TPP).

Is there a minimum property value for cases you accept?
Typically, property assessments in excess of $1,000,000.

Why should I request a property assessment reduction?
You should request a property assessment reduction if you feel that the value of your property is less than the assessed value.

If I file a petition, can my assessment be increased?
No. The petition only results in the assessment being reduced or remaining the same.

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