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Technologically savvy with a hands-on approach.

Having represented property owners in thousands of ad valorem tax appeals, MJ Stone has accrued an enviable reputation for its intensive research techniques, advanced technical abilities and, perhaps most importantly, the fact that we have over 33 year relationships with the various taxing authorities.

This results in the caliber of extremely personal and detailed service that adheres to recognized appraisal techniques, while utilizing every innovative tool at our disposal to build a rock-solid and convincing case for reducing property tax assessments.

MJ Stone treats all clients individually, knowing full well that our services could very well mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for our clients.

Our Assessment Reduction Process includes but is not limited to the following tasks:

  • Thoroughly reviewing, analyzing and performing site inspections where necessary
  • Determining the complete assessment history of each property
  • Ascertaining the current assessment and other pertinent property information
  • Preparation of Petitions specific to the particular property, company and County
  • Comprehensive analysis of market conditions, comparable sales property values,
    and income analysis
  • Successfully reducing the ad valorem property tax liability, when warranted
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